Other Film Techniques

These are other techniques for filming or editing from other students in class, hope these can help for your film.

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Hope you enjoy.


Handmade Portraits: Liberty Vintage Motorcycles


The man work for liberty vintage motorcycles for 25 years and he keep using handmade for only way to work. The sound, angle, and background music are all changed.


I think the audience this video face to are every one who watch this story. Because the character hope people can know the great of motocycle and the importent of handmade.


The massage of this story, I think is to tell people how amazing about liberty vintage motocycle and handmade; the character want people protect the old handmade working.


The style of this video is like a interview, and talk about his personal life. The video use the music also use the sound of the character, make people have more emotional effect from the video.

Sign Language

What’s in the story:

This story is talk about Ben who hold a sign for a living in the center of London, and he loves his job more than almost anything. But today is his last day to do this job, When Ben finish his finial part of this job, his colleague and friends use sign as a leaving present.


The shot, angle, sound, and location are all changed in this video.


This video maght face to the adult, the middle age audiences or the people who feel their life are in the bottleneck. The character in this video are all the middle age people, and they are all doing the same job with Ben, but they are ont as enjoy as Ben. Even Ben, he always not confident to talk to the girl he like.


I think the massage of this story is to tell people to love the job they do and the life they live. There are lots of amazing things around us as long as we can feel and see them. Our life would be better if we can find beautiful things around us.


This video use interviews to make the audience be interested, the music in this video is using happy music to make audience relax.

Just Like You


This story is about we should have a dream and people how to do to make the dream come true. The shot, audio and plot are all change in this video.

The story is aimed at young audience, the sound in this story are fast and the character are all young people do the things for their dream.

This story is to tell young people to keep hard working for their dreams, even sometimes you are not doing what you want to do, but never give up.

This video use the editing techniques and use audio from character and some fast music. The balance of voice and visuals are good in this story, this is the one of knowledge that I need to learn.