Group Video: Social Panic

This is the first video of mine, me and my other group member shot this together.

This is a story about social panic, and the character overcome finally.

The camera angle, the location and the sound in the video are all changed through the developed of the story.


The Draft Script

When people first leave home to a new place, it is easy to feel lonely and get sadness. And what do people do when they feel like that? They eat, especially Chinese people. It is easy to think about, basically every traditional festival in China have special food to memorial. Therefore, the most places that Chinese students go to would be China Town or Chinese market.


My one of roommate Daisy is from the southwest of China, Chongqing. Chongqing has the famous food hot pot and noodle; people from Chongqing cannot live without spicy. The spicy noodle in Chongqing has used as a type of breakfast and also is the most popular breakfast in there.


Daisy was burn and grows in Chongqing, she can eat spicy when she was a little girl, every morning her father get up early and made the spicy noodle for her, this is the start of her day. When she leave home and study here, the food she missing most is that spicy noodle. Every time when she feel tired and lonely, she always try to make this spicy noodle.


Now she can make that spicy noodle well, and it can always arouse the missing of the hometown.

Just Like You


This story is about we should have a dream and people how to do to make the dream come true. The shot, audio and plot are all change in this video.

The story is aimed at young audience, the sound in this story are fast and the character are all young people do the things for their dream.

This story is to tell young people to keep hard working for their dreams, even sometimes you are not doing what you want to do, but never give up.

This video use the editing techniques and use audio from character and some fast music. The balance of voice and visuals are good in this story, this is the one of knowledge that I need to learn.

The Idea of My Story

I decided the main idea of my story tody, it is about food. To decided this idea really takes  me long time. But I finally make it.

When I first came to UK, I live and eat in a homestay in London. That homestay was nice and the food also good, but just completely different with my hometown food. The homestay was’t close to the center of London, so I can’t find any Chinese restaurant; since then, in my mind I belieive the best food in the worldis my hometown food. IMG_1243

After one month I move out and live in a student accommodation, I found a Chinese take away near the accommodation, and I almost cry.

The Beginning of My Blog

This blog is for the later video homework, and my work and ideas will always post on this blog.

My story is about different people have special feelings to different types of food. Especially when we study in other country, it is hard to eat the traditional food easily.

So I want to make a story telling people about types of food and people’s mood when they eat.